Shipbuilding Products

Shipbuilding business, ship repair business, old ship reconstruction and maintenance, marine machinery manufacturing, steel structure engineering, trade agency, have the right to self-export.

EX5500 Backhoe Dredger

EX5500 Backhoe Dredger The ship made by RPIC is a backhoe dredger capable of operating in coastal waters. The ship can be towed in an infinite area, and the coastal area operates (long-distance towage [...]


Dredger The captain is 42 meters long, with a depth of 3 meters, a width of 15 meters, and a working water depth of less than 20 meters. It also has the function of [...]

Equipments and Qualification

Shipbuilding Equipments

Shipbuilding Equipments RPIC has abundant shipbuilding and repairing technical force and a large number of specialists for independent product development,production design and manufacturing management. To meet the outfitting after launching and sea trial, a [...]

Shipbuilding Qualification

Shipbuilding Qualification Rizhao Port  Industry Co.,Ltd.(RPIC) has built a offshore platform service ship, disposal of oil spill, oil ship, bulk carrier, anchor boat, self-propelled deck barge, offshore tug, port tug, fire tug and Marine [...]