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RPIC New Building Material Products

The introduction of Sandwich Panel as building material is an important evolution of architecture in terms of ecology, design, construction budgething and project efficiency.


RPIC PIR/PUR Roof Panel Moisure-proof design Joint sealing -External Sealing against penetrating surface water -Internal sealing for completion of the vapour barrier Light weight combined with good load-bearing propeties achieved by 3-rid design of [...]


RPIC PIR/PUR Wall Panel With concealed fastening and exactly fitting joint geometry -No air permeability, low ventiation heat losses -Low contact pressure required -Water tight tongue & groove joint between panels Excellent insulation materials [...]

FM Approved PIR Sandwich Panel

FM Approved PIR Sandwich Panel Sandwich panels are a revolutionary development in the field of construction, making breakthroughs in environmental protection, architectural design, price and engineering efficiency. RPIC color steel sandwich panels, the core [...]

Metal Component

Metal Component RPIC has introduced several new technology sheet metal processing lines from Europe and New Zealand to provide precision OEM and ODM metal production and processing services to customers in different industries. Light [...]

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