Steel Structure

Founded in 2004, RPIC Steel Structure is a professional branch of Rizhao Port Industry Co., Ltd., a large state-owned enterprise. The company is located in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, a beautiful livable coastal city. There are more than 100 professional and technical personnel. It has the general contracting level of building construction, the first level of steel structure contracting, the contracting level of building decoration and decoration engineering, the contracting level of building curtain wall engineering, the pressure pipeline BG1, BG1 (PE special), GB2(2)GC2, etc. Construction qualification.

New Building Material

The industrial park occupies around 200,000m2 of land, and has introduced a full set of German (Hennecke) automatic continuous production line and ISOCAB productive technique and technology and has already passed American FM Approval and the relevant tests by Australian Standard, RPIC endeavors to supply high-range refrigerators, cold storage doors, air-conditioned cold store doors and other energy-efficient, environmental friendly products as well as new building materials which are clean, beautiful, high-quality, energy saving and environmental friendly for modern logistics, distribution centers, cold storage, ultra-low oxygen scheduling, clean workshops, high-tech industrial premises, various kinds of packing houses, pharmaceutical and biological products factories, tailor to customers’ requirements.

Material Handling System

Established in 1984, Rizhao Port Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.(RPIC Port Handling System) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rizhao Port  Industry Co., Ltd.. The company is located in the beautiful livable coastal city—Rizhao City, Shandong Province, with 220 employees, including 66 technicians. It has port operation license and import and export operation right. The company has obtained quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, and occupational health and safety management system certification. It is an integrated service provider integrating design, development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance.


The main business scope includuding shipbulding, ship repairing, reconstruction of old ships, marine machinery manufacture and steel structure engineering, etc. and has the self-management import and export rights.The corporation has 862 employees now, among whom more than 100 people are engineering technology and management specialists, 24 people have senior professional titles, more than 700 people are skilled workers, and the engineering technology and construction management specialists have engaged in the design and management work in shipbuilding and ship repairing in more than five years so that they prossess relatively higher professional technology and management skills.


A comprehensive large state-owned enterprise from China