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Appearance dimension: 5800 * 2250 * 2560 (L * w * h)

Wall material: rock wool sandwich board or polyurethane sandwich board produced by RPIC

Ground material: plastic floor indoor lamp: ceiling lamp

Door: self produced clean door of RPIC

Window: self made sealing window of RPIC

Transportation: it can be transported separately and assembled on site

Extension: it can be assembled in any form according to the usage

Floor live load: 1.5kn/m2; roof dead load: 0.20kn/m2;

Floor dead load: 0.40 kn / m2; roof load: 0.30 kn / m2;

Floor live load: 1.50 kn / m2; basic wind pressure: 0.45 kn / m2;

Seismic intensity: Grade 7


1. assembly

The construction period of the site is relatively short. In addition to the wet operations such as floor leveling and foundation treatment, other parts of the site, such as the installation of equipment and pipelines, doors and windows, indoor facilities, etc., are all dry construction. Compared with the traditional construction method, the cross operation of various types of work can save time and reduce construction and decoration waste by about 70%.

2. standardization

Standardization is the foundation of modular construction. The standardization of geometric dimension, connection mode, combination form of modules, internal parts, equipment and facilities is the basic guarantee to achieve rapid and high-quality construction.

3. modularization

All functional spaces are composed of highly standardized modules, fully reflecting the speed advantages brought by standardization and integration, and meeting the needs of emergency medical facilities construction.

4. industrialization

Complete the construction in a very short time. At the same time of processing the floor on site, the module is produced synchronously in the factory. The factory environment and indoor construction conditions will ensure that its quality is easier to control and improve, reduce defects, improve the reliability of products, and at the same time have higher production efficiency.


Q:What is the delivery time?

A:According to your quantity,our production capacity is 3000 square meter per day

Q:What is your Equipment Brand?

A: We have introduced Germany Hennecke Automatic Continuous Production Line

Q:What kind of payment ways do you use?

A:TT and LC is accepted

Q:Can you do DDP delivery terms?

A: We can deliver our goods under DDP term

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