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The heavy load linkage test of port belt conveyor system in Guinea

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On April 10, at 13:00 Guinea local time, the heavy load linkage test of port belt conveyor system in phase I of SDIC Guinea aluminum development project officially started with CV03, cv02 and cv01 belt conveyor lines successively started operation. During the trial run, all the equipment operated stably and met the design output requirements, completing the shipment of more than 10000 tons of bauxite, which indicated that the first heavy load trial run was a thoroughly success, and the belt conveyor system is capable to put into operation.

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As the first overseas belt conveyor system EPC project of RPIC,the subsidiary of Shandong Port Group, the company devotes itself to providing services for customers in design, manufacturing, technical support and other aspects, successfully completing the commissioning tasks of each node, winning high praise and great reputation from the owners and supervisors, and thus establishing a good overseas brand image; at the same time, the smooth implementation of the project also benefit the company to accumulated the experience of overseas general contracting project construction and has laid a solid foundation for the future development of overseas port handling system market.