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The 6th Pak-China Business Forum-Industrial Expo


The 6th Pak-China Business Forum-Industrial Expo was successfully held at Lahore Convention and Exhibition Center in Pakistan from 14th to 16th, Sep,2018.Rizhao Port Shipbuilding & Machinery Industry Co., Ltd(RPIC) was invited to participate to exhibit conveyor system, new building materials and other related products.

RPIC made full use of this opportunity to exchange and negotiate with customers and dealers who came to visit, furthering RPIC's local popularity and influence in Pakistan as well as the understanding of the local market demand, so as to improve products structure and determine the direction of business development in the next step.

At this exhibition, rollers, sandwich panels, color-coated sheets and other products were so impressive that the visitors and traders expressed their strong interests especially in polyurethane sandwich panels, which owns excellent fireproof and thermal insulation performance and have obtained the US FM certification as well as Australian relevant standard certification.

The three-day exhibition attracted a large number of exhibitors. Warmly and sincerely, RPIC staff communicated with the participants and explained the details of the products to give them a better understanding.

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