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RPIC successfully obtained the special qualification of Chinese steel structure manufacturing enterprises


On January 1, 2020, the China Steel Structure Association officially awarded RPIC a special grade certificate for Chinese steel structure manufacturing enterprises, and the company successfully became a member of China’s steel structure special manufacturing enterprises.

During the pre-site evaluation process, the China Steel Structure Special Qualification Evaluation Expert Group evaluated the four indicators of basic conditions, management level, physical quality and civilized production, and conducted scoring through conference discussions, data inspection, and on-site inspections to ensure fairness and justice. The results of the review were announced on the spot. In the end, the shipbuilding industry company successfully passed the acceptance by virtue of the production scale, equipment conditions, management level, manufacturing capacity and green environmental protection business philosophy.

The special qualification of China’s steel structure manufacturing enterprises is the highest qualification level for steel structure manufacturing. The enterprises with this qualification are all industry leaders with strong comprehensive strength and high influence in the industry. The acquisition of this qualification will further enhance the brand influence of the shipbuilding industry’s steel structure manufacturing, and will definitely bring a broader development platform and new development opportunities for the company’s high-quality development.