Advantages of RPIC Sandwich Panel

Advantages of RPIC Sandwich Panel

Efficient Construction: Sandwich panels do not require curing time as concrete does; the lightweight panels provide easy installation which can be triple faster than usual wood or concrete building. It also has less affection from weather during construction. It allows large span, so the supporting structure can be lighter.

Easy Saving: Sandwich panels offer far lower U value and higher insulation capability than wood, brick and concrete. Air tightness, hidder joints and insulated core materials result in energy saving up to 50%.

Enviromental Friendly: Sandwich panels require less maintenance than concrete and brick structure; repainting is not required. It is more economical and environmental friendly.

Safe, Druable and Reusable: Sandwich Panels are lightweight that are easy and safe to handle during construction. Weather resistant ensures its durability of over 30 years. Its joinery is designed for easy assembley and disassembly.

Versatility: Sandwich panels can be used for various applications, from industrial buildings, warehouses, walk-in cold storages, deep freezers, to BIPV solar system and etc. A variety of finishes and colours allow excellent aesthetic design.

Benefit and Value: Compare with coventional construction, sandwich panels are more economical in terms of labours, machineries, time, maintenance, transportation costs, etc., and less supporting structure is required. Above all, it enables big savings in future operation costs.