Rizhao Ocean Park Project

Rizhao Ocean Park Project is a key construction project in Shandong Province and a key tourism project in Rizhao City. It consists of two parts: the Aquarium and the Flower & Bird Garden. The total construction area is 36,800 square meters and the total steel consumption is 2,400 tons. Our company has undertaken all steel structures. Part of the construction, in which the aquarium is circular in shape, the main components are all curved, and the precision of the steel structure is high. The steel structure at the entrance is welded by curved double-curved box-shaped beams. The dome of the aquarium The hoisting radius is 74 meters, the installation height is 27 meters, the one-time lifting weight is 75 tons, and the component diameter is 40 meters. It is the dome structure hoisting project with the overall structure and difficulty in Rizhao urban area at that time.

Rizhao Ocean Park Steel Structure