Metal Component

RPIC has introduced several new technology sheet metal processing lines from Europe and New Zealand to provide precision OEM and ODM metal production and processing services to customers in different industries.
Light steel structure / partition wall
Using production equipment imported from New Zealand, RPIC can produce light steel structures and structural parts without welding, reducing environmental damage. In addition, the light steel structure plus cement fiber board can be used as a partition board.

Metal ceiling
The metal ceiling of Rizhao Earth is divided into aluminum plate ceiling and color coated plate ceiling.

– Lightweight and beautiful appearance
– Easy installation and removal
– Design and processing according to customer needs

Steel furniture
Innovative ideas combined with our expertise can create unlimited possibilities. Nowadays, steel furniture is not limited to the gray-white table or filing cabinet of the office, but the beautiful furniture with rich colors, novel design and diversified styles. It is the trend of fashion interior design.

Light panel and protective case

RPIC can produce metal components according to customer needs and requirements. Materials can include stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, color coated steel coils, etc. As the customer imagined, RPIC will try its best to design and open new products together.